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Agreements We Make With Satan

I am sure your first reaction is what?  “I haven’t made any agreements with Satan.”  I beg to differ.  Many of us made a number of

Bill Scott

agreements with Satan in 2011 and it cost us many battles.  Now, before thinking I am crazy, I want you to continue reading with an open mind.  Today’s blog has the potential to change the outcome of 2012 for you.  This is a blog that I would call “A Game Changer.”

Let me ask you a question.  Have you ever said anything like, “I’ll never lose weight”, “I’ll never get the job I want”, “I’ll never get married”, “I’ll never feel good again”, “I am not beautiful”, “I am not handsome”, “I’ll never get out of debt”, “I’ll never be a good parent,”  “I’ll never be happy again.”  I don’t care who you are, we have all said such things.  My guess is you didn’t realize you are making an agreement with Satan.  You see it’s his way of winning the battle.

Proverbs 18:21, Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

A few years back I made some bad, selfish decisions that hurt many people.  No doubt it was the fall of a life time.  Even after I asked the Lord for forgiveness I wasn’t able to really forgive myself.  I prayed daily for years, “Lord forgive me for being an a__hole.”  I was making a daily agreement with Satan that I was worthless.    While I was making this daily agreement with Satan, I was also confused as to why God wasn’t using me in great ways.  I was speaking death over my life multiple times a day without even realizing it.

2012 needs to be your break through year.  You are ready for something different.  Your desire is to live in victory and not defeat.  I know, I have been there.  So what are you going to do different in this new year to make sure it’s not a repeat of 2011?  Good or bad, we are giving life to what we are saying.  The scripture says we’ll eat the fruit of our words.

You cannot talk defeat, you cannot make agreements with Satan and expect a blessed future.  Every time we speak defeat, it’s like shaking hands with the devil and saying “agreed.”

What agreements are you making about your future, family, health, work, finances?  Keep in mind the opposite of faith is fear.  Both have power.  Faith activates God’s power in our life.  Fear activates Satan’s power in our life.  Often we talk defeat because of fear.  We no longer believe that God will come through for us thus making an agreement with Satan.

Proverbs 6:2, You are snared by the words of your mouth; You are taken by the words of your mouth. 

You may be in a difficult time in our life right now as we begin 2012.  Let me challenge you to not use your words to describe your situation but to use your words to change the situation.  Declare victory, God’s favor, God’s blessing on your life.  Don’t make an agreement with Satan.

Perhaps you went through difficult times in 2011.  You may have faced many disappointments, hurts and loss.  Confess the agreements you have made with Satan and proclaim God’s victory in your life.  You made the agreement, you can break the agreement with Satan in Jesus name.

I have talked to some that feel they lost some battles in 2011.  The Lord gave me this word the other day.  Some of you have already seen it on my Facebook page.  Let me share it again.

“Just because you lost a battle this year doesn’t mean the war is lost. Get back up and take back what the enemy has stolen. The war is yours to win in 2012.”

The Bible says, let the weak say say I am strong.  The Bible says we are to declare we are strong in the Lord.  Don’t speak how you feel, speak God’s best for your life.  Make an agreement with God through faith today and expect each morning that this is your year!

Stop speaking defeat over your life and make godly declarations that line up with the Word of God.  Stop talking about the way you are and start talking about the way you want to be.  God delights in you and is willing to use you in great ways in 2012.  This is your year.

Take a minute to break the agreements you have made with Satan.  Here is how I prayed, it’s a great example of how you can pray today.

“Lord, forgive me for making agreements with Satan over my life.  I break ____________(Name the agreement you made) with Satan right now in Jesus name.  This agreement is now broken.  Thank you Lord for your favor, in Jesus name.”

If you prayed this prayer today, please leave me a comment.  You can even just post, “I prayed.”  This word is for you today.  It’s not by accident that you read my blog.  Take this and run with it.  This year we are not going to allow our words to stop God’s best for our life!

If you haven’t had a chance to read my new book, “The Day Satan Called” I would encourage you to do so.  It will give you great insight into the spiritual battle we are facing on a daily basis.

Winning the battle,

Bill Scott



About Bill Scott

I've worked in Christian media for the last 30 plus years. Radio, TV, Publishing, Fundraising and more. The Bill Scott Group main focus is helping ministries go to the next level.

I've worked in Christian media for the last 30 plus years. Radio, TV, Publishing, Fundraising and more. The Bill Scott Group main focus is helping ministries go to the next level.

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  • thank you so much for this message. it spoke volumes to me and what i have been struggling with. it really put everything into perspective and showed me the right way regaining victory in my life. i prayed and am excited to start a new chapter in my life with a real plan this time 🙂

  • Thank you so much for your article and items I have not yet read but am looking forward to eagerly. As I mentioned to our church group on face book last night, the Lord is always making what seems to be coincidences to occur. To the un-reached, they appear to be coincidences but I like to call them rips in the wrappings of God’s plan for our lives.

    I’ve gone on the principal that our words are what cause things to happen in our lives and try very hard to make sure that words of doom and destruction stay right where they belong, silent and un-uttered. I’m not saying that I’m completely innocent but I try very hard. It’s not been very easy the last couple of years due to both my wife and myself having medical problems and April storms this last year doing damage to our home. We have to continually remind ourselves that the words coming from our mouth help determine the direction our lives head.

    Jesus says that if we believe we can send our mountains to the ocean but what He didn’t say that is unintentionally we can bring them back just as easily.

    Not making a lot of sense, I’m sure, but too make a long story short, thank you for your post and being available so others can find you.

  • Reading this in God’s perfect timing! Prayed the prayer! Thank you!

  • I prayed, thanks so much for your ministry! 🙂 God bless!

  • I prayed today:)

  • Wow, I needed to hear that today. I think I have made more agreements with the enemy than I ever realized. Thank you for sharing your story and how to help break those agreements. God bless you!

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