A Challenge To My Radio Friends

When Bill asked me to share something, I initially wasn’t sure what to comment about but then, as I pondered, it became clearer. How can I encourage my co workers who have such important work to do?

My history is probably like many of yours. I worked in mainstream and community radio in Australia as well as in TV and commercial music business at both secular and Christian labels.

I’d always wanted to do something of value and embarked at the ripe old age of 27 to do music ministry after 9 years of commercial music. Went pretty well (lived in a nice suburb, kids in a Christian school) until 12 years later at the ripe old age of 39, I lost everything on an important tour. As the promoter for all of Australia, with some 8 shows in big venues, the loss was significant and something very difficult to recover from in the relatively small economy of Australia.

Call me crazy…..but my sense was that the only way to recover was to move to America with our 6 kids at the time (now 7) provided my wife, Helen, agreed. She did on the condition it was for just 2 years. Interestingly, 26 years later, we are still here.

When we arrived, the job I’d come over for fell through and for the next 2 years, my family and I had the incredible experience of living by faith. Almost exactly at the conclusion of the 2 years, our eldest daughter, Rebecca St James’ career started and it’s been quite a ride ever since.

I tell you all this as my sense is that now, as I look back, the Lord put me though all the craziness to help me grow. If things are tough as we speak, that’s what he might be doing for you.

When we arrived in Nashville, it wasn’t the industry that looked after us, it was the church and I’ll never be the same. Humbled my faith grew in spades. People from the church furnished our house, left food on the front porch, gave us money for rent, vehicles (you name it), it’s overwhelming just remembering. God got my total attention big time.

As a summary, let me just say, we are all involved in sharing the most wonderful message known to man. Let’s love on each other and share the message to the max!  My life experience tells me that the Lord has a plan for each of us. It includes you and even an Aussie bloke who felt like a total failure for 4 yrs but was then allowed to get back into music with renewed vigor.

Honored that we are in this ministry partnership together. Godspeed. DS

April 16, 2018