About Us

Bill Scott has been involved in Christian media for over thirty years.  Bill’s career has included radio, TV, publishing and consulting.  Bill has been contracted through Share Media Services as a fundraising consultant for over twenty years.  Bill has been to 100 radio stations and hosted nearly 600 fundraising events for radio stations and other non-profit groups.

Bill has a passion for radio and loves to come along radio stations and other companies helping to coach them to
a new level.  Very few individuals have visited and worked along side 100 stations.  This gives a very real perspective as to what is working and what’s not working.

Bill loves the publishing world as well.  Bill along with Dave Kirby created the first digital lifestyle magazine for Christian radio called iBelieve Magazine.  Bill has also written three books over the last few years. Bill’s latest book was a best seller on Amazons Spiritual Warfare list.