CMB HandShake

Bill Scott

Bill Scott

The CMB conference is the largest of its kind for Christian radio.  It’s awesome to attend, learn more about radio and of course catch up with old radio friends.

So do you know what the CMB handshake is?  My guess is some of you already have it figured out.  It’s when you are shaking someones hand while looking around them to see if there is someone more important you should be talking to.  Be honest, you’ve seen this happen or have actually done this yourself.  To be honest, I am sure that I’ve done this once or twice.  So I have two words for this years CMB in regards to the official handshake, “STOP IT.”  Networking is so important, I get that but let’s show each other some respect and really enjoy getting to know someone new in our industry or catch up with an old friend…even if they don’t have anything to offer us other than good conversation.  

Can I encourage you to look for someone to minister to?  Some of those attending CMB this year will be hurting.  It could be their personal life, perhaps their station is going through challenging time etc…  Look for the chance to take someone out for coffee.  You might be the encouragement they need during the conference.  Look for a chance to offer wisdom or just pray for them.  Perhaps find someone you can help mentor through the upcoming year.

Let’s make sure this fantastic week we’ve been given isn’t all about show biz.  We are called to minister to our communities to spread the love of Christ.  We are attending to learn how to do that better, how to be great stewards of what God has given us.  Enjoy the fun, the gifts, seminars and at the same time be looking for ways to encourage one another.  Let’s go home educated, inspired and with a special touch from the Lord.

Let me close with a funny top 10 list that Dave Kirby and I put together for you this year.


10. The Sneak Peak: You know….. it’s where you walk up to someone, you know them but forgot their name, so carefully you try to look down to read their badge.  You always get caught!

09. The Pitiful Look: This always comes from those who didn’t book in time and they are staying at the Beach Club.

08. The Non Fan Look:  You are sitting in the lobby and your favorite artist walks passed you…… you try to look as those you don’t notice them and it’s not a big deal.

07.The Lobby Dwellers:  You know…the ones who never actually go to any of the sessions.  Oooops

06. The Undercover Drinkers:  They try to find a place to grab a beer and yet have no one see them.

05. The Disappointing Box Lunch:  All of the new CMB folks are so excited for the amazing lunches at the conference only to realize it’s a box lunch.

04. Double Booked:  You realized you have booked yourself for two lunch meetings at the same time.

03. The Night of Joy Rip Off:  You bum someone’s CMB badge so you can get your kid into Night of Joy for free.

02 The Record Company Secret Club:  It’s were the record company has a secret album listening party during the CMB sessions and you are swore to secrecy.

01. To Cool for School:  These are the people that always stand in the back because they are too cool to actually sit at a table.

August 26, 2014
September 8, 2014