Dealing With A Haunted House

I just responded to someone who has demons in their home. It sounds really intense right now and I fully believe them. I thought you haunted_house_by_montvalentstock-d3dlk3omight want to see my response on how to cleanse their home. The following is my letter back to them.
I realize what you are facing is serious. No doubt you are facing some demonic problems in your home. I would encourage you to read my book because on top of the story that I wrote about, there is some good teaching on how to handle some of this stuff.

You have the right to live free of demonic problems like you are facing. The Bible is very clear that we can live free of strong holds that try to torment us.

You need to do a couple of things in order to take control of your home ok?

1. You can cleanse your home. You simply take oil of any kind, that represents the blood of Jesus. Walk through each room, put a cross on the windows, door, some place in the room and claim that room for Jesus and in the power of Jesus command anything dark and evil to leave in Jesus name. Ask Jesus to send angels to fight on your behalf. Walk in your authority and command these demons to leave in Jesus name. Go through every room and repeat.

2. Walk your property line and pray the whole time. I prayed once in Jesus name and told Satan to watch me because I was putting down a blood line by the power of Jesus name and where I walked he could not pass through in Jesus name and anything on my property dark and evil had to leave in Jesus name. As you can see I use Jesus name a lot, why? Because I have no power outside of His name.

3. Go through your home and ask the Lord if there are any open doors that would allow demons in your home. This could be objects, Ouija boards, darks movies etc… The Lord will show you. When in doubt throw it out. Also pray and ask the Lord if you have any sin in your life that could be an open door. Ask for forgiveness in Jesus name.

4. I would pray a prayer over your property. Something like this. ” In Jesus name I break any agreements that this property has had with Satan in the past in Jesus name. I am the owner and I break all agreements with Satan and give this home to Jesus Christ and invite the Holy Spirit to live in this home. I plead the blood of Jesus over this home. I command any evil and foul spirit to leave this home now in Jesus name.

You have the authority to take control of your home. I want you to walk in the freedom that God promises all of us. This can begin today. After doing this these demons might test you a couple of times, stand your ground and tell them to leave in Jesus name and that this is God’s home now and to leave now. You will win this battle.

I’d love to hear from you after doing this in your home.

Bill Scott