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Dating and single

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Today we have ask Ron Deal to join us to talk about his latest book, Dating and The Single Parent.

Ron is author of The Smart Stepfamily: Seven Steps to a Healthy Family (and DVD series), The Smart Stepmom (coauthored with Laura Petherbridge), The Remarriage Checkup: Tools to Help Your Marriage Last a Lifetime (coauthored with Dr. David Olson, and The Smart Stepdad. His latest book is Dating and the Single Parent

A recognized expert in marriage and blended families.

Ron has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, ABC Nightline, WGN-News, The Mike Huckabee Show, FamilyLife Today, Focus on the Family, HomeWord with Jim Burns, Celebration, and The 700 Club, and his work has been referenced online (e.g., ABC and in newspapers throughout the world .

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January 10, 2016