If Your Goal Is To Beat The Big Dog, You Have Aimed Too Low


Bill Scott

Bill Scott

Some of us have said, “Our station is going to beat WXYZ” or “WXYZ one day will look to us for the standard in broadcasting.”  I have even heard, “we are going to be the next WXYZ.”

If your goal is to beat the big dog, you may have aimed too low.

What do I mean by that?  This is not a statement about the big Christian station in your area.  I am grateful for what some of our leading stations have accomplished, it has helped our industry to be better at what we do.  They have raised the bar for Christian radio.  The big Christian station in your area is following what they feel God has called them to do as a ministry.  If you are consumed by “beating” the big dog, then you are likely missing the purpose God has for your station.  You cannot reach your full potential by doing this.

Here’s what you can do. Your staff needs to come together as a team and begin to find out the vision for YOUR station.  Discovering your station’s DNA requires teamwork. (Todd Isberner wrote a short article on developing a Fundraising Mission Statement. This is a great place to start.) With a unified team knowing exactly what your unique mission is,  you begin to walk out the vision that God has given your station, not the vision God gave someone else.

Focusing on what other stations do can assist in a learning process, but trying to duplicate another ministry vision isn’t wise.  You sell your own vision short.  God may have called you to something bigger, different or for ‘such a time as this’.

Assume a couple of things…IF you believe that you are doing what God has called you to do, isn’t it realistic to assume that there are those in leadership at the other organization that are doing what God has called THEM to do? If that is the case, then how much arrogance does it take to question their calling and not yours?

Focus on what God has called you to do. The harvest is ready but the workers are few.  God has given your station a very unique DNA, don’t miss it.

February 16, 2016