It’s hard to be real. Or is it?


If you’re on the air in any capacity, you’ve probably heard that to be successful, just “be real”. But what does that mean and why is it sometimes hard to achieve?

Being “real” is sharing your life, and I realize you’ve probably heard that a million times or so, but it is true! The hardest part is remembering the things you experience as you go through your day.

If something happens in the check-out line at the grocery store, write a note to yourself about it. I remember being in line one day, choosing the line that I thought would move the fastest only to find out that the person in front of me had one item did not have the price on it so everything stopped while a runner went to that area of the store to get the price. Turned out to be the slowest line in the store.

I made a note in my smart phone about it.

Another time my wife and I were visiting her mom and dad. When we were having lunch, they were discussing where to go to have dinner. I’m sitting there thinking, “let’s get past lunch first” before trying to figure out dinner.

I made a note in my smart phone about it.

When we moved, I came across an old board game that was from my childhood, The Game of Risk. I remembered playing that game with my cousins and other kids. There was a story in particular that came to mind.

I made a note in my smart phone about it.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Keeping track of your daily experiences by writing it down! An entireshow popped out of each one of the notes I made.

It’s easy to think “Hey, this is nothing special-everybody goes through this kind of stuff”.

That’s the key!! Everybody goes through this kind of stuff! It’s real! What makes it special is that it is viewed from YOUR perspective.

For me, it was realizing that the phrase “who would care about that” did not apply to my every day experiences.

Your daily experiences, although they may be common, are viewed from your unique point of view.  After all, there is only one you. Nobody can be better at being the real you than you!

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April 16, 2018
November 8, 2018