Listening, Loving and Learning: Keys That Help Me As A Music Director

Brian Sumner – HIS Radio

Listening, loving and learning, these are a few of the keys that help me as Music Director for His Radio. I know your list may include other things and to my list I could add a few more things, but I wanted to concentrate on those 3 things.

#1 Listening:  I’ve always loved listening to music. I can’t play an instrument and I’m an average if best singer, but I do love listening to music, all kinds of music. I always make time to listen to new songs that come into His Radio.  It takes time, but I do my best to listen to everything that is sent our way. Some weeks it may be over 30 songs but I want to have honest feedback for my record company friends when they ask about songs. I can’t be honest unless I’ve heard the song.  If I’m being worked on a song, I feel it’s my job to listen and give honest feedback on how this song would or would not work on His Radio. I also have feedback for our weekly music meetings. Listening is a key for me.

#2 Loving: I love what I do and I love listening to music. I love building relationships with friends at the record companies and artists. I love great songs that have eternal impact, that is what our format is all about. I love when a friend calls or texts or stops by at an event and tells us how the right song played at just the right time. I love to see families at concerts enjoying the music we play. I love that when I’m in a dark place or struggling God will orchestrate the right song at the right time for me. I love how it’s a team effort weekly at His Radio in working with Rob Dempsey on new music. I love how music can bring us together and break down walls and share the Good News about the greatest love ever, God’s love for all of us! Loving is another key for me.

#3 Learning: I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. I’m learning and I have tools available. Learning and applying research. Learning to apply research with my gut instincts. Learning the past history of artists and songs on His Radio, I’ve only been the MD coming up on a year. Learning about the regional markets we serve in the Carolinas and Georgia. Applying lessons I’ve learned at other places and from other people I respect and who are way smarter than me. Learning to never say never…..”I’ll never play that song”…..I’ve learned not to say that. Learning about new tech and platforms and streaming and consumption and on and on and on. I’m learning when to take chances on songs and when not to take a chance. Do I always get that right….HECK NO!  I’m learning to listen to the wisdom of those close to me and the advice of dear friends. Something I learned a long time ago, the songs I add have nothing to do about me, I’m NOT my target. I’m always trying to learn and hope I never think I know it all. Learning is another big key for me.

These 3 keys also help me in my daily life…..Lord may I listen, love and learn more!

Brian Sumner (His Radio)