New Reviews On The Day Satan Called

Thank you so much for the reviews.  It’s good to know the book is impacting lives.  Please continue to help me share the message that is in this book.  Here are some recent reviews.

I am 21 years old. I have never grew up in a religious type family. Until i read this book, I wasn’t sure if I believed in anything. I thank bill scott for writting this amazing book! Its a book I cannot and refuse to put down!  I’m on day 2 of reading this book and im only 3 chapters away from finishing! Awesome awesome book!

I never doubted that evil is real. It’s in the Bible, God’s Word. God’s Word talks about the fall of Lucifer who became satan when he fell. and he steals, kills and destroys, and his demons do his dirty work. Bill’s book testifies of this reality. He had a close encounter of an evil kind. In the book, his story took a couple of wierd twists that took me by surprise, but that’s the devil. We are in a war. Read the book, and learn more of this war.

I read this book in a few hours. Easy read, can’t put it down. This is a terrifying story, especially when you have had experiences of your own and you know things like this happen. Some people may not believe this story, but things like this happen all the time and people have no clue. Bill Scott makes the book easy to read and tells a story about the truth in the spiritual world.

What an amazing book. Having had similar experiences, it was so refreshing to read a book that really explains what happens with the paranormal. Bill Scott is an exceptional author and this book is a must read. The best part was how Mr. Scott uses scripture and the power of prayer and has great detail in that area. Thank you for writing this book!

I thank the author and all those who helped to put this book in print for God’s people to get a hold off. Cant say I have the same experience, but in the past have encountered similar and still today, however the “Church Universal” need to be awaken to the spiritual warfare of this age. This book is God sent in my life at this time, it’s AWESOME, God bless.

I have read many books about Christ and how he works in the most amazing ways, this book says it all, it is scary but it’s the truth that many people ignore. this book needs to be read by all!!! Good job writing and sharing your story with us mr. Scott!!

I just finished this book and absolutly loved it. This book was interesting from cover to cover. I loved the cover, unlike one of the reviewers. It kind of jumps out at you. This book was easy to read and understand. You don’t have to be a college graduate to understand it. Bill scott quotes many bible passages which I loved. I believe everything he wrote about. I went to a healing service 20 years ago and a woman was possessed, I’ll never forget it. The incident left a strong inpact in my life just as Bill Scott had an impact on his life. Something like this always stays with you. Good Job Bill

The Day Satan Called is a book every Christian should read.   I would have given anything to read a book like this years ago 
it would have helped me.   When I was growing up my father got involved in the occult and it opened spirtual doors in the home, I could relate to some of the stuff in this book. What Scott describes in his book does happen, I have been 
in counseling and deliverance ministry for 16 years this stuff is real.  I love the book, it grabs you from the beginning and you can’t put it 
down. Thank you Scott for writing this book and sharing your personal story, I believe your book will help a lot of people find freedom from the schemes of the devil.   Thank you for your boldness to put it in print.

I have had the opportunity to know The Author of this book since we were Kids, and I was excited to know that he had written a book, When I started the first Chapter, I knew this book had me hooked! It is a must read for anyone who even wonders about things happening that can’t be explained! I urge anyone to read this book and then refer it to a friend.

I bought this on a whim; I usually research and read reviews before I purchase a new book. By far this is the most educational (and yet terrifying) book I’ve read on the subject of Satan and his demons. It opened my eyes to all the evil that exsists around us in every day life and has made me much more aware of the choices I make. And through this book I’ve tried to educate others…it’s a great ‘witnessing’ and teaching tool. However, it’s sad that most churches and pastors don’t preach/teach on this subject and if they do, it’s hardly ever in depth enough. I would highly recommend this book and would also like to see it as a Bible study.

This book was a must read for me. I don’t read much but for some reason I needed to read this one. I started reading when I brought it home and did not put it down untill I was finished with it. WOW. This book was so intense. Do demons really exist? I’ve never seen one but I now have a outlook on life and things that are around me that I can live with and talk about to someone else. When I finished reading, I had to talk to others about the book. The author explaines events in such detail that there was no doubt about what the author is trying to say, no gaps in time, no questions! I don’t think you can go wrong with this book.

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God bless,

Bill Scott