Too Much Challenge Money

Bill Scott

Bill Scott

It’s fundraising season once again.  This is the time of year where I don’t put up my suitcase for about three months or so.

As I criss cross the nation and soon beyond the US I’m reminded of a couple of things.  One; fundraising is never easy and there are a few principles that you need to run your fundraiser by in order to make it a success.  It’s amazing how just a few tweaks can bring in thousands of more dollars during your event.  Already this year I’ve been able to be a part of some record setting fundraiser’s for some of my clients.

Most stations love having challenge money to use during their fundraisers.  No doubt this can be something that will help encourage other listeners to give and to be excited to make the call of commitment to your station.  So the question is this?  Can you have too much challenge money?  My personal opinion is yes.  You can do so many challenges during your event they become less impactful and even unbelievable.

There has to be more to your event than challenges.  If used correctly they can be a very powerful moment in your fundraiser.  The use of prizes during your event can fuel the fire, challenges, great themes, short goals and of course stories can all be part of a great fundraiser.

How much challenge money is too much?  That is really hard to say.  You don’t want to do challenge after challenge after challenge for your whole event.  Eventually that will begin to sink your fundraiser and you’ll have little impact in using this tool.  In a perfect world, I would love to keep a dollar for dollar challenge down to just four or five times a day.  There has to be more than one tool that you are using to encourage your listeners to pick up the phone and call.  Prizes, challenge money etc… don’t sell your station to your listener but they do encourage them to stop for two minutes during their crazy busy life so they can join with you during your fundraiser.

Learn to branch out from just using challenge money.