Industry Challenge for 2015 From David Smallbone

David Smallbone and family

David Smallbone and family

I grew up in a post Christian country that didn’t have Christian radio early on, so to now live in the US and have had the benefit of this ministry resource for my children, is something I don’t take for granted and for which I am very thankful.

Having started in the industry in Oz some 40 plus yrs ago, my first label was mainstream but they allowed me, surprisingly, to sign a Christian group ( Family ) who became quite successful even getting to the point of touring as support to Evie! I then tried my hand at radio and lasted as promotions manager for a secular station for a year before I felt the call to get into the CCM thing full time.

God willing, I’ve been involved ever since, enjoying some very special moments but also some very dark days. The hard times got my attention and I took them as a discipline to go deeper in my relationship with Jesus.

When Bill suggested I drop you all a note, I initially thought no, but then on a second thought, it occurred to me that I had a responsibility to encourage you just like you have encouraged my family and I.

Probably the best thought that came to mind was to suggest that in personal and business matters, we look at putting all our decisions through the ministry filter. I too often think us men make important decisions from a commercial perspective and not through the God’s economy thought pattern. The older I get, the more I want to be involved in the miraculous as against the boring commercial position. There is something about the calling of the faith walk that keeps us on our knees I believe.

Thanks for your commitment to what’s important. It is a joy for my family and I to be in this ministry partnership with you.

Happy new year. old bloke ( just turned 65 folks )

David Smallbone

David is the father and manager for Joel and Luke (For King and Country) and Rebecca St. James.  Most of you already know that but I wanted to make sure everyone knew.  David and his family have been an encouragement and fan of Christian radio for years.  David is a good friend to many of us.

January 12, 2015