Why You Need A Fundraising Coach

billblog01Have you ever heard of Greg Knapp? Probably not, but you’ve heard of two-time Super Bowl winner and five-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning. Greg Knapp is a veteran of 30 seasons and was Peyton’s quarterback coach.

Even with his incredible talent, it would have been unthinkable for Peyton to refuse coaching. Peyton could only see so much from the field. It took a coach like Greg who could see the whole field at every angle to lead him to success. And only a coach can see the full potential of an individual and take them further than they believed possible.  Every great athlete has a great coach.

I know, I know, you’re a great on-air talent. Actually, I don’t take any issue with the talent you have to connect with your listeners. That’s what you’ve been hired, and most importantly, called to do. But even the most gifted personalities struggle with fundraising.

As one of the ShareMedia fundraising coaches, I get to help great talent raise money far beyond what they feel is possible.

At a recent fundraising event, I was prepping with a talented announcer and shared that if they tweaked a few things, it would immediately increase response. At first there was a little bit of pushback. Eventually, the talent agreed to follow my coaching and within minutes, and to their amazement, the phone lines were full.

Many talented Christian radio players are using coaches for their daily shows. No doubt many have seen success in ratings as a result.

However, most talent only live in the fundraising world two or three times a year. Along with walking your team through a holistic approach to fundraising in every area of your ministry, ShareMedia can provide a fundraising coach who comes alongside you (or your talent) for one-on-one development. Coaches that have proven strategies to increase response and bring in the funds your ministry needs.

I’ve asked some major talent and industry leaders to share the value of having a seasoned fundraising coach…

“When we’re fundraising in Christian radio, we’re simply inviting others to be a part of the work God is doing through our stations. As simple as it sounds, it isn’t something many of us feel equipped or qualified to do. A great coach can make all the difference by providing the necessary tools before and during the event to equip your air staff to play a more active role in the fundraising process.” – Sean Sawatsky, General Manager, KLRC FM-Siloam Springs, AR

“In life there’s things you can live without, and things you can not. Hiring in a coach to help with fundraisers definitively lives in the category of ‘you can’t live without’. After being involved with more than 20 individual radio appeals, we branched out and engaged a professional coach. This has been the best decision as it has taken the stress and panic out of our appeals, and replaced it with passion, connection and relationship. I couldn’t recommend a coach highly enough.” – Jarrod Graetz, CEO,  LightFM Melbourne, Australia

“Having a coach during your fundraiser is a huge benefit. They are sort of like a GPS for the show helping guide and direct you to being fully funded. They help keep you focused every break and can breathe new life into moments you are exhausted.  Let’s be honest… who doesn’t like a constant encourager in the room?!” – Jerry Woods, Morning Show, WGTS FM-Washington, DC

“During pledge drive, the breaks are more frequent, and often (though not optimally) longer… And the content is so different from how we would interact on a normal shift. Typically I am not creating a call to action or urgency. It’s a different beast altogether. So having a coach is essential to staying focused and on track.” – Morgan Wood, On-air Voice-tracking Personality and Fundraiser

If you want to take your fundraising to a new level, you have to do things you’ve never done before or perhaps something that’s not automatic. A fundraising coach can make a huge difference. But not just anyone, get a fundraising coach with a successful on-air track record in radio fundraising. A coach that will help you make the most of your God-given talent to maximize every second, truly engage the audience, and get your ministry funded.

Bill Scott is a fundraising consultant and coach for ShareMedia Services. Bill has over 30 years of experience as an on-air talent at stations like WCIE, The JOY FM, WAY FM, has produced five syndicated radio programs and has hosted about 700 broadcast fundraising events helping stations and organizations fund their ministries. You can reach Bill via email at Bill@ShareMediaServices.com.

August 21, 2016