Pre-Fundraiser Tuneup

IMG_0213With over 600 fundraisers that I have personally hosted and coached through ShareMedia Services, I believe I have some wisdom that will help your on-air announcers to be more effective during your next fundraiser.  I would meet with your staff one hour each week for two weeks before your event.  This would be an interactive meeting and we would cover the following topics.  It only takes a few well placed tweaks to your fundraiser to see extra donations come in during your fundraiser.  This works and you’ll see results.   Space is very limited so contact me today.

You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have:  Being prepared spiritually for your next event.

You Can’t Top This:  Roles of effective on-air fundraising.

Planing Out Your Hour:  Knowing where you are going and how you are going to get there can make and break your hour.

The Art of Story Telling:  Stories are king but it’s how you tell the story and how you close the break that equals money.

Making It An Event:  Your fundraiser needs to be the biggest event of the year.  There are ways to make this exciting and have your listeners waiting for the chance to give.  We’ll talk about how to effectively promote your event.

Engage Your Listeners:  Anyone can do a fundraiser but how do you engage the listeners so they make the donation?

The Pattern Breaker:  Perhaps one of the biggest tools over looked by radio.

I’d love to chat with you about your next fundraiser.  Shoot me at not at

Bill Scott left and Frankie Morea right

Bill Scott left and Frankie Morea right

For years Bill Scott has proven himself to be a constant source of inspiration while providing immeasurable fundraising insights for Positive hits PER!  It was Bill’s leadership and encouragement that creatively asked PER listeners to help fund our new facility in Fredericksburg Virginia.  Bill’s ability to teach and create momentum literally helped change the landscape for PER.”

Frankie Morea
PAR VP of Programming


Jon Hamilton

Jon Hamilton

“Few people even remotely possess the pledge drive experience that Bill Scott has.  Even after decades of doing Shareathons,  when I am looking for fresh input or ideas, Bill Scott is my first call.  He knows what is working now, and what’s not.”
Jon Hamilton
President, Christian FM Media Group