Broken and Unusable

I am not new to ministry.  I began my journey in ministry full-time back in 1983.  It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 30 years.  Before that I was a preacher’s kid.  All of that to say I’ve seen a lot go on in Christian circles.

I have actually known people who were told “your broken and unusable.”  A single mom once shared with me that after her husband cheated several times on her and then threatened to kill her and the kids, that the church she attended could no longer use her because she was divorced.  A close friend of my fell to sin earlier this year.  He had a close professional counselor friend of his call him and tell him on the phone, “I cannot be your friend any more.”  Those types of responses are nothing short of “religion” and they have nothing to do with the heart of Jesus.

After 24 years of working in ministry I let my guard down.  I have learned that Satan is patient and will wait for the right time to attack.  I was burned out, had made some compromises, my brother died in an accident, fell into a deep depression and I threw in the towel.  There is never excuse for sin, however there are many reasons that usually bring you to the place in your life where you let your guard down and you cave to sin.

I was actually told after my fall was public, that I hadn’t suffered enough, couldn’t be used again and very close friends and co-workers decided it was best not to talk with me again.  At that point I felt as though that was what I deserved and perhaps their comments where right.  As I continue to study the Word of God, it’s very evident that the Bible is a book of restoration.  I now feel sorry for those who decided it’s in their best interest to cut all ties with me.  Perhaps you have fallen and others make you feel like a second class citizen.  I am here to remind you God is crazy about you and delights in the opportunity to restore you and bring you the best years of your life.  God is not waiting to beat the fire out of you when you sin.  Sin comes with it’s own consequences.  Sin always requires payment and thank God, Jesus paid the price for our sin and by His grace God is waiting for the chance to walk with you through your consequences and restore you as the man or woman of God He has called you to be.  Christians are supposed to do the same.  I love this passage of scripture:

Galatians 6:1-3

Live creatively, friends. If someone falls into sin, forgivingly restore him, saving your critical comments for yourself. You might be needing forgiveness before the day’s out. Stoop down and reach out to those who are oppressed. Share their burdens, and so complete Christ’s law. If you think you are too good for that, you are badly deceived.

Today I am here to be a voice that shares with you that you can be used again.  You can be used even greater than before.  God delights in you right now.  Begin the journey of healing with God and see what happens.  There is no quick fix but the healing can begin.  Don’t worry about other Christians who don’t talk to you, won’t return your call, look down on your or what they may say behind your back.  God will bring a couple of people into your life that will walk with you to the other side.  I encourage you not to give up.  I learned a while ago you don’t judge the Bible by others actions, you judge their actions according to the Word of God.

You may have lost the battle but the war can still be won.  I refuse to accept the old quote from the church, “Christians are the only ones who shoot their wounded.”  My hand will always be out to help someone get back up regardless of what they have done.  I want to be there to celebrate their recovery.

If you find your self wounded after falling to sin, know that God is crazy about you and restoration can begin today.  If you know of someone who has fallen, call them today and tell them how much you care about them and will do whatever it takes to walk with them to the other side.  Walk out the heart of Christ and not religion.

A battle was lost but the war will be won!


God bless,

Bill Scott

August 26, 2012
December 11, 2012



  1. Deborah Buel

    September 10, 2012

    See I just sent something and do not know where it went.. I am not a facebook person.
    Just a wife/mother/ma and friend who for the past 3 years have seen demons in my
    son that is 34 years old. and GOD has taught me so much and still is…

  2. Marc Tremblay

    September 12, 2012

    I agree so much with what you wrote brother. There are many “religious” people thinking they’re allright just by what they do… but this is only religion and not Our living God onction, nothing to do with religion!! We’re near the end of time like our beloved David Wilkerson said. I see Christian that were away from Our Lord coming back like it’s unreal. I personally think that The Church will soon be taken away.
    I gave my life to Our Lord in the early 70, got married and soon found out that my wife was literally being abusive to me. Many times I had to leave home with my kids and came back. It became impossible to go on. I finally left and the kids stayed with mom, in the full payed house I’ve build. I was toward the Church membres a renegate… Going through depression, I didn’t make good decision aliment time. Told myself, if it’s how the Christian wife are behaving, I’ll go with non-Christian woman, but it was always a disaster. Asking Our Lord’s guidance, I finally married a strong Christian woman 3 years ago and lleft my home city Montreal to come down in South New England. We finally go to a Church that understand the road I went through!

  3. Marc Tremblay

    September 12, 2012

    Opus, forgot to tell you that I red your book and really appreciated your witness and how Our Lord used you Bill!
    All for His Glory

    Marc Tremblay

  4. Tonka

    September 17, 2012

    I find your comment to be true in my life also. I’ve got people in my past who always said I’d never amount to anything….. I believed it!
    Now my past still haunts me… I’ve be set free and those people that helped me…. Will not even give me the time of day….. I know that God is my refuge and strength and God will de with them in time….. I’ve forgiven them
    … and moved on. Gid Bless you!

  5. Marc Tremblay

    September 18, 2012

    Hi Bill, how are you, the reason of this email is to have your point of view in a situation we’re gong through my wife and me. Deborah wanted another kid, a daughter this time. So she adopted a Koreen girl at the age of 6 months. After several years Deborah found out that Ayiana ( the adopted child that is also my step daugther ) had few health issues. So over the years Ayiana presented at many points syndrome of a drug or alcoolic mother.
    Aiyana became from very passive to an agitated kid and started to have a destructive behavior, wanted to kill the cat ect… On line and at the age of 14, 15 she was intouch with mature men, giving the home adress and wanted to be kidnap.

    She is now 19 and all she wants is to become homeless and having sex with anybody, even by mature men. Mater of fact she ran away for a couple of dais and had sex with differant men. Few days later, when she was being held by the police and my wife went to see Aiyana, she said she’ll kill my wife and tried to rush to my wife’s throat.
    This young woman, when you talk to her sometime, you can see her eyes changing her speech becomes irrational and she’s into a destructive mood.
    We think that when this happens, she is posessed.
    We dont know what to do anymore, knowing that she dosent want anything to do with good sense anymore. She often talk about killing and seems disconnected.
    Thank for reading
    Marc Tremblay

  6. Arlena Flanders

    September 25, 2012

    Thank you so much for that. Sometimes, I feel like the world is beating me up, only to find myself being judged and criticized by my own brothers and sisters in Christ that are no different than I am. Thank God I am aware of my short-comings. I ask God to heal me of all the pain, the lies and the betrayals. Thank you Mr. Scott. God Bless You!

  7. Darlene

    January 3, 2013

    I feel that Satan is waiting for me to give up

    • Bill Scott

      January 3, 2013

      Darlene, you couldn’t be more correct. Satan wants all of us to give up and with our own strength we will. Remember what the Bible says. I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength. Make Satan wait forever!

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