Top 10 Signs You Are At A Bad Fundraiser

Bill Scott

Bill Scott

Just for fun I thought I would throw this into my blog.  There’s a lot of interesting fundraisers that my friends and I have been to over the years.  I hope you’ll find some of them funny.  All true.


10.   When you leave the radio station, get to the end of the driveway and the radio signal begins to fade.

09.   When the station manager picks you up at the airport and says, “So this is what a plane looks like.”

08.   When the station manager meets you with you before the fundraiser and says, “It might be a good idea if you don’t ask for money.”

07.   When you arrive at the radio station and there’s only one telephone in phone central.  When asked why they don’t have more, the station manager response is, “We never had more than one call at a time before, so I figured that would be enough.”  Dave Kirby the fundraising host also found out there were no volunteers and he would be answering calls and hosting on air at the same time.

06.   When the station manager leaves his car for you at the airport.  You arrive and find out only the drivers door opens so you and your co-host enter from the drivers door during the event.  The managers response when you show up, “How do you like the car?  250,000 miles and doesn’t burn a damn lick of oil.”

05.  When the entire staff meets you at your hotel the night before the fundraiser to share with you they are walking out.  I begged them to wait until the fundraiser was over.

04.  When you call the station one week before arriving only to find out they just signed back on the air after being down for the last few months.  Someone at the station didn’t open the mail that was telling them there tower lease for their antenna wasn’t being renewed.

03.  When the manager comes in during the fundraiser and says, “This isn’t a bad response when you consider that only 3 out of ten bays is working on the antenna.”

02.  When you are asked if you want to go to the meet truck before going to your hotel.  As we pulled up I realized it wasn’t a meet truck but a MEAT truck sitting under the tower.  The radio station was located in the trailer of a meat truck with the hooks still hanging from the ceiling.  (This was a great event just wild where the station was located.)

01.  When the mid-day guy says, “You know Bill God can do anything, do you remember the time he talked through a donkey’s ass?”   Ok, game over LOL.

If you have stories, I would love for you to write them down and share them with us.





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  1. Rick McConnell

    August 5, 2014

    Bill, two of my strangest events: 1) They man/ woman morning team at a station seemed to not like the idea of me interupting their fun morning show to do fundraising. After the second day, I finally gave up trying to “fight” to do the fundraising, that I would just sit and stare and wait for them to ask me to join them. (The sharathon was a flop)
    BUT- the STRANGEST one ever: After several days of mediocre response at a sharathon, the phones were coming alive, and it looked like we were going to meet the goal. The manager then started calling my cell every 5 minutes (during huge phone blitzes) with suggestion after suggestion (that I could not keep up with.) Then he started getting argumentative about why I was not immediately implementing all his bazarr suggestions! So rather than being on the mic raising money, (during a phone blitz!) He wanted to have a petty argument about why all his suggestions were not being immediately implemted. WOW. The momentum died. We had to come back the next day to finish up.

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