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I’m Not Really Crazy

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places. 
Ephesians 6:12

I never planned—or even wanted—to write this book.

It’s been years since this event happened—an event that covered eighteen excruciating months of my life. I’ve only shared it with a few trusted individuals over the years. Frankly, I have been concerned that if people who don’t know me well heard me tell this story they would think I was crazy or mentally unstable. But my reluctance to share what happened to me was not just based on a fear that I wouldn’t be believed.

During this event there were death threats that both the police and I took seriously. For eighteen months my home was no longer a sanctuary. I lived in constant fear but especially dreaded nightfall each and every day. Human and inhuman voices. Noises. Threats. Cursing. Blasphemies. Objects moving. Doors opening and closing. Strange calls and visitors at work and home. The experience was simply too surreal and too painful to want to relive. For two decades I have felt it was best not to talk about my experiences to anyone outside of  a small circle of friends.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE FIRST CHAPTER FREE.

July 30, 2012



  1. Joseph

    July 30, 2012

    Hello Bill,
    I just heard you sharing your incredible story on Coast to Coast that I will say is designed to touch/challenge many closed minds, including the Many who run in strict Christian motifs in the face of God’s (unlimited) vastness. As you describe back in your ‘encounter,’ your personal faith at the time was conservative that essentially gave ‘lip service’ to dark forces- which is what most tow-the-line Christians (and those in similar faiths) are taught. So, given this, how might God expand our consciousness to reach Him beyond our books and simple lives of faith that for many consist of nominal interaction with Him based on our demanding, busy lives? Perhaps He has to scare the shit outta us so we become compelled to seek His greater worlds that include demons and their hold on humanity. I suspect you are not the simple man of faith you once were prior to meeting Roxanne… something that touched you deeply (as evidenced by the detail in your recall twenty years later). I will say… her ’service’ forced your rational mind (and those in witness) to contemplate beyond conservative boundaries, for God does not live in them. And here you are, dear brother, twenty years later continuing this fine work of expanding others. Do you sense His concert?

    Allow me to share how Christ guided me to Him. It was based on my personal, terrifying experiences with ‘demons,’ ‘witches’ and so-called ‘warlocks’ (I was a rational homicide detective at the time). I was traveling with two close friends through Alaska -mid-winter- and the three of us got attacked and chased as we fled across the tundra for three weeks that took us to Native villages where shamans attempted to assist- but ultimately demanded we leave because of the caliber of dark forces pursuing us. It was insane and felt like years of journeying.

    Here’s the cool thing… In this terror each of us discovered (internal) powerful gifts in our designs that were previously unknown, or believed. Our collective skills revealed crisp intuitive senses bordering on the surreal that tuned us into deeper realms- something that allowed us to anticipate and slip past many ambushes. And somewhere in all of this, a confidence grew within each of us that allowed us to realize we were in the (ultimate) adventure of our lives! None of us had ever prayed so intently for God’s help and protection, and it arrived each time the spells and voodoo attempted to corral us. We all ‘felt’ Christ’s guidance, for we literally believed it was keeping us alive. Three rational, educated people blown out of the water.

    That was eleven years ago and to this day we continue to serve God (full time) in ways that defy traditional, conservative teachings. Christ took us too deep into our Father’s worlds to ever return to such limitation. This experience would come to claim our careers, our homes, our families, and our reputations. Two of us (my companion and I) have been on the road for eight years; the third (my best friend) wanders the world periodically flying a helicopter to keep moving (financially). Christ continues to teach us of the darkness, of these unseen Beings that can be sensed in ways beyond the solo mind’s (limited) 5-sense experience. With the skills He has taught us, He has taken us into the corridors of Hades- to observe, study their ways that are predicated on fear. As the Gnostics understood, we use the tools of breath, imagination and “energies” to interact with them in a way that offers them acceptance and ultimately Heaven’s embrace: the transformation by Love. We teach them that their dark worlds are an illusion… in the macrocosm of this Love. And we are no longer bound by fear, for it too is illusory in God’s bigger reality.

    My point in sharing this story is to offer that your experience with Roxanne was precise (in my view), and that dark entities are only ‘real‘ in this 5-sense reality- as you experienced, witnessed, (powerfully) in action- just as our trio did. I will say this… we are All being called to awaken beyond the ideas, teachings by others of God- no matter how celebrated the traditions. We must continue to grow… into His worlds that are bigger than our notions. Rumi says: “Saints know All fear comes from God.” What a statement! Why would God send demons along our path if this madman’s words are to be contemplated? Could it be the fuel that ignites our souls into their grander memory, their greater service that cannot be considered through the portals of cognitive limitation? The darkness has expanded your world, dear friend; it continues to bring you closer to God’s wildness, to eternity where perhaps death and monsters are all illusion. Somehow we must come out of our minds to embrace heart consciousness, for in our mental-worlds, fear/denial of monsters rules humanity…

    There is a way to ‘accept’ our FEAR in the presence of the scary ones… Shooing them away only offers rejection and a guarantee they will return in strength. Focused Breathing with simultaneous thoughts/words of ‘acceptance‘ makes them cry… and leads them to their permanent transformation. Breathing also accepts the mind’s conditioned fears of losing one’s soul. Accepting fear and willing to feel it in your body will never cause you to lose toes or fingers. Let me offer this as well: the next time you feel something grab your feet in the darkness, or slam a door shut, etc, begin breathing deeply (as innocuous as this sounds) and will yourself to “accept” who/whatever needs to rub your feet. Be willing to feel the fear no matter how intense. You must keep breathing or your mental-one will be overwhelmed by its fear… If God is real, if we are indeed eternal… let us be willing to die by these foot-fetish types, or door slammers. How can they possibly take life from eternal Beings? It’s only our mind’s fear-world that keeps these entities running the show in this halo-deck. This is allegedly humanity’s enslavement: believing in them… They use the power of our Imaginations to ensure their illusory survival. They rely on our rejection of them, on our need to protect ourselves from them; in our resistance and mental forms of denial, we unwittingly affirm/perpetuate their reality.

    Please forgive this lengthy post. I know this is a bunch for the mind, but I suspect your Heart’s timing is at hand. I was guided to send this your way however it affects you. I am not involved in that, for I must return to the Silence. Before I fold, please forgive me for this boldness… Learn the power of conscious breathing in the (fear) storm, dear brother. Learn to accept fear-based experiences as opposed to rejecting or denying them and your reality and skills will change rapidly. The Breath is supremely conscious; it is the Teacher’s tool to guide us home- to the Silence.

    Many blessings.

  2. Robert Bickle

    July 30, 2012

    Bill Scott and I touched base on my facebook page after privately sending him a ‘message’. He asked me to post on a comment about the book but because I revealed to him I had also been through my own severe satanic ritual abuse and being I had been delivered from 7+ demons and this issue was still affecting me, I couldn’t as of yet. As I read his book, I wrote on pages similar to my own experiences, those experiences I recognized within myself. My experiences began in 1993 and after deliverance, Jan. 30th through Feb. 12th, 2010, I can now post comments. My own experiences, which is documented in the Decmber 2011 brochure of the GOOD SHEPHERD INSTITUTE located in SC., consisted of: severe oppression which included demonic visitations, burning of my skin, intense fear and confusion, loss of memory, fang marks, numerous other physical sensations, hoarding, just to name a few. This continued even after I came to know Jesus Christ of Nazareth as my Lord and Savior- (…of Nazareth pin points the true Jesus since witches masquerade around as the Holy Trinity). If one is familiar with the Holy Trinity- the UNholy Trinity is: Satan-Lucifer-Antichrist. The pact with the devil is mentioned in Isaiah 28:14-22 only the word ‘covenant’ is used and witches made a pact to avoid death and the grave because they wanted to be like God as mentioned in Isaiah 14:12-17.
    I had been waiting for books like THE DAY SATAN CALLED for over 17 years and I happened across Bill Scott’s book and couldn’t put it down. I can only Praise God for coming through for Roxanne as he did for me. It’s only been about 7 months now for my own deliverance to come to almost completion and all I can say now is, ‘Thank-you Jesus, thank you kindly for all your benefits, Psalm 103. Just recently, I realized my own testimony with Christ- the more I speak of it, the better I become because I chose LIFE in Christ and the Father is glorified through what His son, Jesus can and will do if the captive accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior of their life and wait patiently upon the Lord to work His miracles through you…Thank you Bill for a book well written and worth the wait too….rlb The address for the GOOD SHEPHERD INSTITUTE for those demonically oppressed and want Jesus as Lord and Savior is: PO BOX 51485 Summerville, SC 29485 and my own deliverance team can be reached at: Temple Baptist Church 1500 Kingdom Way New Bern, NC 28560. There are only 6 groups thus far in the USA that have this ministry going strong..I believe Christian Harvest with Rebecca Greenwood is also worth knowing about too.

  3. Robert Bickle

    July 30, 2012

    I should also state that I had gotten involved in the wiccan religion here in the USA under the church and school of wicca run by the head witches, Gavin and Yvonne Frost after being convinced they were not Satanists. This was the first lie covered by deception I believed in…rlb

  4. Joseph

    July 30, 2012

    Mr. Bill… It was you who went on Coast to Coast to share your tale; to promote your book. In this you invite an audience accustomed to movement and beliefs beyond traditional boundaries that invite exchange. At the very least, you might write a one-liner explaining why my post was deleted. I can handle your honesty, dear brother. Did it inadvertently offend?


    • Bill Scott

      July 30, 2012

      Actually no one deleted any of your comments. Each comment has to be approved by me. My phone would not approve your post today so I had to wait until I was at my computer this evening. Thanks for your input.

  5. Krista

    January 6, 2014

    I was wondering if you have looked into a book called “The Day The Devil Called collect”? If so do you feel that Jessica Leak is the same woman you encountered? The circumstances and age fit too perfectly in my opinion. I also wonder if you have known about this book, why wasn’t it referenced in yours?

    • Bill Scott

      January 6, 2014

      Thanks for the question. I actually hadn’t heard about that book before mine came out. Someone else mentioned the book to me but I haven’t read it as of yet. It might be worth the read.

    • Bill Scott

      February 20, 2014


      Here is an update to your question. Yes, Jessica Leak is the same person that I wrote about. That is not her real name but yes. I just talked on the phone to the author of the boo “The Day The Devil Called Collect.” We compared notes and we are 100 percent certain it’s the same lady. We had a good conversation and both of use are going to read the others book.

  6. Dev Hill

    October 25, 2014

    Hello there my Dear Brother in Christ…i think I already see an answer to my question but your book sounded a lot like The day the devil called collect.

    Brother, can you assure me that what you have written is completely authentic…i have just started reading your book and I don’t mean to cast any aspersions on you….it just that it seems very familiar to that other book?

    God Bless you

    Devon in Canada.

    • Bill Scott

      November 4, 2014

      It is true and through recent conversations with the man who wrote that book, we both found out it is the same girl, just years apart.

  7. Cathy

    December 26, 2015

    So basically you were never able to help this girl, yet she succeeded in ruining your marriage and eight other marriages. The Church and that former radio station both ended.Your story is terrifying but doesn’t have any happy endings. I see that now you are committed to helping families, is that because of what you went through? I wonder where the line is between mental illness and demon position or if there is a line. Mentally ill people have a way of drawing people in and monopolizing them and their time, draining them. I once knew a woman who faithfully came to church and then one day became bizarre, calling at all hours, following people from Church home, waking our Pastor with a knock on their door at all hours. She would cry and question whether or not she was the whore mentioned in Revelation. She ended up having her child taken away from her and became institutionalized. Ten years later, working in the mental health field, I see this woman, she doesn’t remember me. She has been diagnosed with a personality disorder. I often wonder what caused the change in her.

    • Bill Scott

      December 29, 2015

      All great questions. There is mental illness however, mental illness doesn’t leave a person’s body and walk around the house, open and close doors, cause a person to be thrown across a room etc… I am all about people having mental illness, she may have had some herself but there were demons as well.

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