The Lost Tapes

In my book The Day Satan Called I talk about how evil the demons sounded.  There were a number of different voices that I heard 9780892968985_1681X2544both in person and on the phone.  I write about destroying the tapes of the young lady calling me for help.  Some people think I am lying about ever having the tapes and that is ok.  I didn’t keep the tapes because at the time I didn’t want anything to do with that situation.  I never planned on writing a book and doing interviews about what happened in my life.  I state in my book that after my 18 month journey with Roxanne she called another radio program.  I found the first call from that program last week and was shocked.  I’ll admit I caused me to relive some of those calls, which were many.  You’ll notice right away she isn’t going by Roxanne, she goes by many names.  I do know for a fact this is her.  I talked with the radio program while this was happening and helped them bring closer to this event.

This is only audio, no video.  Because the request has come from so many, I thought I would allow you to hear this.  Do not feel pressured to listen to this, it’s totally up to you.  I don’t want to glorify Satan or any demon.  However, I do want you realize this is real and there is a battle going on.


I would love to hear your comments.

Bill Scott


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  1. Patti

    September 15, 2014

    As a Catholic, I can´t help but wonder why you never contacted the Catholic church. If everything in this book is true, they probably would have authorized an exorcism. I think she should have undergone one by a Catholic priest. Prayers by lay persons would not be effective againt a person genuinely under possession.

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