Showing Pictures On Radio

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.26.01 AMI woke up this morning and saw an awesome post from WGTS in Washington DC.  I love it when radio works with technology to provide more than just radio.  We live in a day and age where we can bring more to our listeners than ever before and WGTS did just that today.  This is worth watching.  CLICK HERE 

I love the fact instead of having Toby on the air for a normal traditional interview, WGTS decided to skip that all together and take Toby out into the community and film him interacting with listeners.  Traditional radio has served us well over the last 70 years but it’s time to move forward and expand our borders.  If your station is not producing video, using pictures and other uses of new technology, then you are behind the curve as to where radio is going.

There is no one using video better than Rob Dempsey at His Radio in Greenville SC.  Rob films his morning show each day and

Rob Dempsey on the air.

Rob Dempsey on the air.

the success has been amazing.  If you haven’t watched what Rob is doing, please take a minute and visit his site, I believe you’ll be inspired. CLICK HERE to watch what Rob is doing.  This is only one clip out of hundreds that you’ll find on his blog.  I’m excited to see Rob and his team lead the industry in this area.

I know many are saying, this is just too much work.  I do realize many of you have a small staff and don’t have a huge budget to buy camera’s and the other equipment that is needed.  I would encourage you to start small but please start somewhere or you will be left behind.  Yes it will be more work and a lot of planning but it’s something that cannot be avoided if you want to connect with your audience at a much higher level.  Our listeners have many choices when it comes to media, so why not own more of the media channels so they can choose what they want and at the same time stay with their favorite radio station.

It’s time to take radio to the next level.  It will take vision, courage and a lot of work but it will be worth it at the end of the day.  Again, two thumbs up for WGTS for making an impact this week on Washington DC.




September 7, 2015