Top 10 Signs You Are At CMB

Bill Scott

Bill Scott

A special thanks to Jeremiah Beck and Dave Kirby for helping me put this list together.  Should you find something offensive, you can be assured it was written by Dave or Jeremiah.  Have a great CMB.



10.  What happens in the Crews Cup stays in the Crews Cup.

09.  You book your room too late and end up 6 miles away at the Beach Club.

08.  Record companies have their signup sheets ready for their secret limo album release party to take place during the CMB seminars.

07.  You experience the CMB handshake.  That’s where you shake someone’s hand while looking around to see if there is someone more important you should be talking to.

06.  Consultants tell you that all of the seminars are important and then schedule meetings during the seminars.

05.  Christian artist foolishly ask a bunch of radio folks to put their hands together and stand during their performance.

04.  400 middle age guys explaining to the seven women who attend CMB how to talk to ladies on the radio.

03.  Ten to 15 people picking up all the unclaimed CD’S and books for listener give aways on their station.

02.  When everyone ask Dean Oneal from Z88 what the weather will be like Friday at Night of Joy…and he knows.

01.  The only place you find to smoke is out back with the artists.

See you soon.

September 3, 2015